Adore A Hustler

When your dad is the biggest dealer in the town and nobody knows. And ya current man is now working for a man you once had a history with, things become real heavy in these mean streets of Miami. Talia Hernández was far from daddy’s little princess. Being around her father was the lease of her worries until she got caught up in life and daddy had to bail her out. Years later with her past far behind her she tends to make a decent living for herself and finds the need to focus on no one but herself and her mother. Until she meets the very persistent Giovanni Barnett.


Giovanni is the star quarterback of the Miami Dolphins and he is living in his prime until a series of unfortunate events take place in his life. Now living a new normal with his kid sister and trying to adjust to the street life with his best friend Knowledge, things get tricky when he realizes the streets and the woman he loves don’t go hand in hand.


After coming home from a bid Knowledge finds himself on the right side of the tracks but of course he doesn’t stay too long before the streets come calling his name. With a 9-5 and him hustling on the side he feels as if he can be the man of both worlds until his life gets intertwined with the life of Ny’Kole Aiko. Ny’Kole is the good girl type. Always does as mommy and daddy tells her but when her mother gets too pushy with what she thinks Ny’Kole’s future should be it pushes Ny’Kole right into the arms of a man nowhere in her league.


Love is learned, codes are broken and everything in plain site is just not as it seems in this urban love tale. Follow along as these couples come to learn about each other but most importantly learn about themselves. It’s one thing to know a hustler but it’s