Secrets Kept

In this day in age it’s family over everything, but when does that saying become a non-factor? For sister’s Rhea, Moniece and Adrienne life for them is out on the test.


Rhea is the oldest and for her life is great. She has beauty and brains, a man like no other and life couldn’t be more than what she asked for, but things soon change when she takes family in. That family over everything comes to an end when she gets the ultimate betrayal by her sister, Adrienne.


Adrienne is the baby and you would think she had it easy, but life isn’t always what it seems. She was a kid when she suffered most but as an adult things got real. She lived her reality one way to later find out her life as she knew it wasn’t real. She suffered rape and abuse from people who should have loved her most. But the painfulness of all was no love from a ghost, her mother.


Moniece is the middle sister. The one that keeps everyone sane, but in her own world she deals with a hell of a lot of pain. She’s holding secrets from her family, some that could cause an untimely death. She doesn’t think they would care being that they’re dealing with their own mess. But she’s soon going to learn that she needs them as much as they need her.


As time and life goes on, these sisters will have to learn and remember that when it all said and done, they are all each other have and when it matters most they will always need to be their sister’s keeper.

Secrets Kept

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