Running From a Boss' Love 2

Things are heating up with everyone. Their relationships as they know them may not survive the breaks of all the hell that is about to turn loose. There’s a thin line between messiness and craziness. The question is can these four survive it?

With the truth finally out of the bag will January survive the lies of her infidelity or will they be the cause for an untimely demise for this dear best friend. 

Gemini is finally living in the essence of having his best friend as his girl, but will a bitter break up screw up any chances him and January may have had together or will unforeseen circumstances make having the one he wants harder than what he imagined?

With Nova trying to collect herself from the news she received about her father, is now the time for her past to make its return? In all of her years of trying to give her daughter a good family is her child’s rightful bloodline coming back to tarnish everything Nova worked so hard to build.


Is Ryan holding onto secrets that may lead to everything around him falling to shambles? Did he bully the right people to stay away or did he just prolonged the hell he’s about to bring down on his family?

Hearts are broken, lies are told, closets are open and skeletons are leaking like no one’s business. Can these four clean up their mess before the damage is done and they reach the point of no return? Find out in this explosive series finale!

Running From a Boss' Love 2

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