Running From a Boss' Love

Time changes a lot of things. Even the things you may have thought you knew. Life has a funny way of portraying itself to you. For best friends January Carter and Nova Burgos time may not heal all wounds.


January is Atlanta’s top entertainment lawyer. She’s taking on cases of some of the most rich and famous people in the industry. But she wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for her lifetime best friend, Gemini Black. After ten years of being away from each other she feels as if she owes him her life but to him, his reasoning for their separation was for the love of his best friend.


Being locked away for a decade, Gemini is ready to make his mark in the world. Starting with joining the Black’s family business. Gemini’s trust no chick and fear no nigga mentality puts him at the top of his uncles list for an ultimate drug take over. Running the A and taking any and everything he wants he quickly becomes a man you don’t want to mess with. But when he starts to feel as if he can have anything he wants with his best friend January included things become way more complicated than need be.


Nova is living her life as she wants and pleases. She is making the best out of her 20’s and letting no one stop her. No one expect her child’s father that is. Nova and Ryan’s relationship is one for the books and one that will make you stop and think “well damn.” He loves her and she loves him but is love enough to keep Nova tied down or will she run from the very thing that broke her as a child?


Ryan isn’t ya typical dope boy. He holds the brains behind his father’s entire operation. And when it comes to the reputation of a dope boy he isn’t like most. Running around screwing everything moving isn’t his thing. He has his eyes set on Nova and he wants to make her his for the long run. But with years of a back and forth game he’s starting to think that maybe his Mrs. is elsewhere. That is until all hell breaks loose at home.


Take a journey where love becomes the hardest conquer of all, generational curses hit harder than one would like to admit and life as you know it just isn’t what it seems!

Running From a Boss' Love

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