Present Situation

Getting through their present situation may be less complicated than best friends Dasani Granger and Solo Assad make it seem. With a friendship extending a little over 20 years, the reality of their lives begin to shift and ways they may have never imagined in the public eye.


Dasani is a 26 year old Kindergarten teacher as well as the owner of Dance Is Life dance company. Dasani has been all about her own happiness. She’s been the poster child to her friends and family for living her dreams and not dreaming her life. Her life is where she sees fit, that is until she hits a hiccup in her world. She finds herself living life from an untraditional standpoint. With her normal on the transition to shift, will Dasani be able to handle all things old and knew that are thrown her way?


Solo is a 27 year old entrepreneur with his mind set on one thing, creating financial wealth and stability for his legacy. With him on the right path all he’s worried about is loving his son and marrying the girl of his dreams. But happens when that girl is not the woman he’s invested time and money in for the past decade? Can he stay and make things work off the strength of time spent, or will he pull the cards on his relationship and go after something his heart’s been set on for a while?


Take a journey with these two best friends and see how life plays out for them in the end. Lines are crossed, friendships are lost and somethings you just can’t bounce back from.

Present Situation

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