New Balance

Who said playing a waiting game was bad thing? Sometimes waiting can be just the thing you need to get what you want. For Sameer Assad and Aspen Hensley, waiting maybe the last ingredient their relationship can take. With him being her new moon and her being his souls keeper, can they survive the triumphs that come with being as one?


Sameer has been shaped from the time he was born to know what it is to be a real man. His parents invested strong morals and upheld him and his brothers in the essence that you are your family’s first protector when it comes to wealth and life. With creating wealth and providing support to the family he made, is it enough for him to stay just for the sake of “family”? When finding his answer, or so he thinks, he meets Aspen, a smart, outgoing and beautiful young woman, who is very independent but knows how to let the right man lead.


Aspen has had her share of no good men but that didn’t dim her idea of a good man. After bad relationships and shitty men, she vowed to keep herself together until the right man proved himself worthy. And in her time, that man was Sameer. With dating Sameer comes the task of not only loving a man but loving a man with added parts— a child from a previous relationship.


With one division keeping things at odds, can these two overcome the obstacles thrown their way? What good is waiting when no matter what you do, you can’t get this person off your mind, away from your soul or out of your heart?

New Balance

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