Last Christmas: My Gift To You

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…”


But this Christmas, things are happening a little different. This holiday season, come along with Marie Christmas and Cole Nicholas as they take on their own twenty-five days of Christmas journey.


Having a brief pause in their friendship, Marie and Cole are brought together by the upcoming wedding of their older siblings. After not speaking for months, they discover that things have changed since last holiday. They’re both very single and highly available to date. So in this once in a time frame, Cole decides to shoot his shot, causing it to land him right in the arms of the woman he anticipated courting. As these two venture off into the land of “dating with a purpose” Cole takes on the role of restoring Marie’s Christmas faith.


Since Christmas is nothing but a sad reminder of the life she once knew, Marie agrees to let this Christmas be the start of something new. With nothing but family, love and good vibes, come along for a ride into their holiday time. It something kinda like Hallmark, with a little bit of seasoning added inside!

Last Christmas: My Gift To You

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