Just My Type

They say opposites attract and most times the one you love is like fire while your ice. For Micah Reynolds and Power Thomas they are the real example of that saying.


Micah is a senior at Syracuse University. With one semester left until graduation, Micah is making sure everything she needs to complete this chapter of life is in line. With school being her main priority to make the best out of her dreams, it seems the only thing missing is that bomb ass counterpart that will have her weak in her knees. She wants to have that person to call her own but in a world of situationships and casual flings, that’s hard. But when she comes across Power, her entire idea of a relationship changes.


Power is the bad boy that can’t be tamed. Casual flings is just his thing. When you run the streets and the only thing that matters is money and power, a steady chick isn’t on the agenda. But when a night out on the town brings him in the presence of Micah, he starts his mission of “I gotta have her.”


When she plays hard to get and he’s persistent as hell, things just become one hell of a power battle. In the end one will submit to the other and they both will learn what it takes to be what the other needs. To be in strong like is good but to be in love is a feeling that has major power behind it. Despite their differences they may just be each other’s type!

Just My Type

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