I Got Love For A Dope Boy 3

The finale is finally here! Natorian, Shaunie and Nasir are back and shit is hitting the fan!


Shaunie is trying to bounce back from her night of shame with her baby father. After starting over and getting her life together with Zayne, her one night of a mistake may have ended everything she worked hard to maintain. Will she be able to bounce back from her infidelity or will she lose the life she’s grown to love?


Nasir is not letting his love for his baby mother go. Finding out the truth behind Shaunie’s new life Nasir isn’t feeling her moving on. He lets his feelings get the best of him and that may be his biggest downfall. Taking things into his own hands he changes the dynamic of things between him and Shaunie. But with him taking his own control of things, will he ruin the only relationship of his that should matter?


Natorian is trying to deal with everything in his life from his daughter to his fiancée and his life with work. But when a thing of his past comes into play causing all types of hell and confusion will he be able to bounce back and carry on as need be or will he find himself making the same mistakes of his past?


Lies are told, lives are changed and most of all the people you think have your back are the same ones doing you wrong. Not everyone gets a happy ending but for these three life is bound to take a drastic turn. Follow along in this last installment of I Got Love For A Dope Boy!

I Got Love For A Dope Boy 3

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