I Got Love For A Dope Boy 2

The life of a fuck boy has been one hell of a ride for the Taylor brothers. Both Natorian and Nasir have their work cut out for them. Whoever said love was easy?


With Qi’ra pregnant and walking away from Natorian and all his fuckery can he right his wrongs and win back his girl and his daughter? Will his fuck ups this go around be just what he needs to learn that a woman’s heart is not to be played with?


Will Qi’ra make up her mind on taking back her baby father and having that family she wanted when she was younger? Or will unforeseen circumstances cause the fate of Qi’ra and Natorian to be altered?


Shaunie starts to see that life is not about giving her kids what she thinks they need but giving herself what she deserves. Yea your kids are always your first priority but you can’t do for them when you’re not good yourself. Does Shaunie finally boss up on Nasir and show him that she’s good without him or will she repeat history and take him back?


Fuck up after fuck up Nasir has been forgiven but after the ultimate fuck up of having a baby on the woman who has his heart will life as he know it be the same? He’s dog walked Shaunie their entire relationship and now expects her to stand behind him with his latest fuck up. She’s never left him before but can this possibly be the start of new beginnings?


With lies, more hidden secrets, and love lost can these couples withstand the obstacles thrown at them. Or will they let damages of life keep them apart? Find out in this sequel of I Got Love For A Dope Boy!

I Got Love For A Dope Boy 2

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