I Got Love For A Dope Boy

Even dope boys need love. That goes for the toughest to the strongest of them all. For the Taylor brothers, they’re going to find love to be their hardest conquer yet.


Natorian and Nasir Taylor are the newest up and coming kingpins in the streets of Syracuse. They’re taking their claim to street royalty. With money and a name the brings fear to the streets, these two brothers are about to be in for the ride of their lives.


After coming home from a bid, Natorian works his way up to king of the streets. He takes what he wants and does as he feels and no one has a problem with it. No one, until he meets Qi’ra Banks. Qi’ra is a 17 year old that is beyond her years. Graduating high school early, she takes on the real world fast. She’s not your average chick with a cute face and fat ass. She has street smarts as well as being book smart. To most she’s known as a grade A hacker. And she takes no ones shit. But when she reunites with Natorian their two worlds collide, possibly becoming one. But can Qi’ra handle the life of being a dope boy’s wifey or will Natorian’s street life be the down fall to their love affair?