Four Minutes

What happens when you feel as if you have all the time in the world to fix your mistakes? When you take for granted the ones who love you the most? What happens when you have all of four minutes to prove your worth?


Jarvis Richards has always been the man. He comes from wealth and has his head on straight when it comes to his passion. In the midst of becoming the best version of himself, he takes a step towards a new journey-- the journey of love. No woman has ever been able to tame him, but that all changes when he meets the love of his life-- Sinead De la Rue.


In the meeting of Sinead, Jarvis gets the immediate feeling of “she belongs to me” and he does everything in his power to have her… even throwing in his playboy card and becoming a monogamist. Jarvis has found the woman that speaks to his soul, but is that enough to keep him somewhere he’s made his home?


Sinead is doing everything it takes to tame the A’s favorite dawg. She’s playing her part in being his peace, trying to prove that she is enough. What she doesn’t expect is for her love to become too much.


Love is learned, given, and taken away. Can these two remain in each other’s lives and sustain their love… or will they walk away?

Four Minutes

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