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Hey! What's up, hello!

Hey guys!!! It's official, I have my own website😍 I have literally been busting my butt on rebranding my name and my work and I can finally say everything is starting to pay off. I'm officially off on a new journey and making new moves. I can't tell you how good this all feels. I pray you all enjoy the new content I have coming your way and ready for all the new projects dropping soon!

What's to come?

I am on the move y'all! I have so many new projects coming your way. From new storylines, spin offs from old storylines and new genres. I know when I was introduced to the world it was as an urban romance author, but guess what? Since I'm signed to myself, I do what I want, when I want! So I will be stepping out into the world of contemporary romance, Erotica and so much more! I'm way beyond excited🤗!

New to Blogging!

Along with keeping you updated with my books, I'm also giving you a personal view of all things Malay. My new blog will dive into more of me from my writing to every day life. From girl talk to whatever maybe going on in the world of Malay. You guys will get to read and see another side of me. I'm happy to start this new journey and I'm happy you all are here with me!

With love always,

Malay Reneé💋

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