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Writing in love untraditionally♥️


I'm author Malay Reneé. I was born and raised in the city Syracuse, NY. A city mostly known for our college basketball team. Go Orangemen!


 I've been an avid reader since falling in love with the unorthodox book genre called Urban Romance. Which in the time I grew up, we knew them as "hood books". But before being introduced to such a genre, I was into theater. I loved stage plays. Which resulted in me becoming a writer at the age of thirteen. What a way to get my stories across, right?


I wrote plays about the heres and nows of adult content. From love, relationships and drama. It wasn't until I was twenty-three that I stepped over from writing scripts to writing novels. I found a love for entertaining others with untraditional love stories. Stories that are relatable to the every day world around me and giving readers the plot twist along with cliff hangers, leaving them wanting more. It's always been a dream to have my work out in the public eye and now that dream is my reality. As of today I am the author of seventeen books, ranging from series, to standalones and novellas. 

So join me in the Wonderful world of Malay and fall in love with my untraditional way of love! 

Malay Reneé

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